Nicholas Agro is an Attorney with over 10 years of experience representing Students in Education Law matters.

The Law Office of Nicholas Agro focuses exclusively on Education Law.

Education law is a very specialized field with it's own unique set of statutes, regulations and case law. Therefore it's crucial to work with an attorney who is experienced in the field and familiar with the laws.

How our office can help you

Parents today face tremendous challenges when it comes to their childís education. Although awareness of disabilities and educational rights has grown, parents are finding it more difficult than ever to obtain the services and appropriate placement that their children need from their school. Ways that we can help include:

CSE Meetings

Under the special education law called IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) children with disabilities have the legal right to an appropriate educational placement (FAPE) and an educational plan designed specifically for their individual needs (IEP). In addition, a School District may not discriminate against a student with a disability. Unfortunately, despite the existence of IDEA, many children are shortchanged by the educational system. For parents who feel their children are not receiving an appropriate education, our office provides representation at CSE (Committee on Special Education) meetings. Through this representation, issues can often be resolved without the need for litigation.

Impartial Hearings under IDEA

When an issue cannot be resolved at a CSE Meeting, it can be appealed through an Impartial Hearing. An Impartial Hearing is a litigation proceeding, which works much like a civil court trial, but it is held in the school district rather than in court. Because Impartial Hearings are litigation, our office represents students and their families in these proceedings.

Section 504

Children who are not classified as special education students may be entitled to accommodations in school to provide them with equal access to education and to protect them from discriminatory practices. Our office represents students in Section 504 proceedings such as 504 Committee Meetings and 504 Hearings.

Appeals to the Commissioner of Education and State Review Officer

Many matters, such as an appeal from an Impartial Hearing or an appeal of a School Board decision regarding student suspension, residency, etc., can be made to the NY State Commissioner of Education, or the State Review Officer. Appeals must be made in writing, and the decision on appeal is based solely on the written appeal documents. Because of the legal expertise involved in writing appeals, our office represents students and their families in these matters.

Disciplinary Hearings and Manifestation Determinations

Students who are facing suspension from school have specific procedural rights. Unfortunately these rights, specified in Section 3214 of the New York Education Law, are not intuitive. In addition to the rights that all students have under Section 3214, students with Disabilities under IDEA or Section 504 have additional rights. Because it is important to know these rights, and because Superintendentís Disciplinary Hearings are generally conducted in a litigation format, our office represents students and their families in these matters.

Other types of matters

Other types of matters we handle include Residency Determinations, Refusals to Vaccinate, School Transportation, Transition Plan issues, Improper Searches by school personnel, special education students who are victims of bullying, students who are cutting class / having attendance problems, students with substance abuse issues, and many other types of matters.

Students and families that we serve

Each child with a disability is unique, and the law requires that their education be tailored to their individual needs. Our Office provides individualized representation to students with all types of disabilities and diagnoses including: ADD / ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders including Aspergers, Allergies including peanut allergy, Asthma, Auditory Processing Disorders / CAPD, Blindness, Depression, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Dyslexia and Learning Disability, Emotional Disturbance, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Other Health Impairment (OHI), Multiply Diasabled.

Mr. Agro represents students and their families exclusively, he does not represent schools.

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Law Professor

In addition to his law practice, Mr. Agro is an adjunct professor of law at St. Joseph's College in Patchogue, NY where he teaches a graduate level course in Special Education Law.

News: Ebola policy for schools from NY State Ed and NY State Dept of Health

The NY State Department of Health, in conjunction with the New York State Education Department issued a policy document regarding Ebola on Oct 27, 2014. The document recommends that schools take measures including Review of School Infection Control Practices, and Increased Vigilance for early recognition of potential Ebola. The document states that the recommendations are subject to change in response to changes in CDC guidance. Parents who are interested in more information can read the full document here.